Laboratory audit “OIL EXPERT”

You appreciate your equipment, machines, cars and other different machinery in everyday life and in manufacturing, but you always fell anxioux because of the efficiency, durable and trouble-free operation of your equipment. Well, you are quite right, because unforeseen breakdowns and unscheduled downtime can be significant costs and lost profits for your business when the equipment itself is very expensive.

For how long will your equipment work beginning from the moment of purchase or the moment of putting it into operation? How much money and effort will be spent on unforeseen repairs and shutdowns? What processes take place inside the equipment? Whether the connected elements’ wear is increased or whether foreign substances got into the system? All these accidents are hard to be planned and to be predicted. But all these accidents and other many factors directly affect the life cycle of your equipment.

Laboratory audit “OIL EXPERT” will dispel unreasonable fears and worries about long-term and productive operation of your equipment. The audit will provide the forecasted prospect of an equipment’s condition and will protect your business from unforeseen situations.


Laboratory audit “OIL EXPERT” can give you:

-the increasing of your equipment’s life cycle through constant monitoring of lubricants, technical and service fluids;

-constant control over the wear products formation, over the friction of machine parts and mechanisms; constant control over exploited material (oils, lubricants, technical fluids);

-reducing unscheduled downtime and repairs of your equipment and increasing the useful reliability factor and efficiency of the equipment;

-effective selection of the optimal material by constant expert assessment of the reaction of the oils, lubricants, technical fluids in the operated equipment;

-increasing service intervals for replacement of oils, lubricants, technical liquids due to expert selection and control of expendable material condition.

What do you need to do in order to protect your equipment from unforeseen breakdowns, unforeseen downtime and to increase the profitability of your business?

It will take just three steps:

Step 1 – Apply for getting special disposable sampling tools from our company;

Step 2 – Take a sample according to our recommendations;

Step 3 – Send the sample to our laboratory by courier delivery service.

What do we do?

-We conduct laboratory tests and compare the results with typical indicators for this material;

-We repeat laboratory tests after a certain period, basing on the type of equipment, its operating conditions and the operating material itself;

-We get the dynamics of indicators’ change and analyze it;

– We will provide you full information and recomandations.

Laboratory audit “OIL EXPERT” will help to predict the contingencies and to protect your business from unforeseen situations by using modern laboratory equipment and the innovative methods of monitoring the condition of your equipment.

Laboratory audit “OIL EXPERT” is the decision that exceeds your expectations.

“OIL MASTER” is your assistant in obtaining comprehensive information about WEXOIL branded products, practical knowledge and skills in the field of creation, selection, implementation and application of oils, lubricants, technical and service fluids in general. This knowledge you to navigate better the current trends in lubricants and technical fluids industry and achieve even greater success in your business.

What does maintenance “OIL MASTER” offer?

-training course on different kinds of engine, gear, hydraulic and other oils, lubricants and machinery liquids, on installation and operation principle of engines, machines and mechanisms in which these materials are used;

-training course on the rules, selection principle and application of the lubricants and technical fluids;

-training course on quality control methods and physicochemical properties of commodity and exhausted lubricants and technical fluid;

-conjoint with distributor conducting technical seminars, lectures for the end-user;

-test support and introduction of lubricants and technical liquids;

-constant technical consultations for distributors and the end-users.

Maintenance “OIL MASTER” is affordable not only for distributors and large end-users but for individuals as well.

Maintenance “OIL MASTER” is accomplished by an experienced and qualified in the field of lubricants and technical liquids expert team led by the project speaker Andrew Kovalev.

WEXOIL works for people who’s used to think rationally, act purposefully and cope with assigned tasks.

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